The pianist Ricardo Francia, played with great intuition and musicality. (Concert with soprano Judith Pezoa, 17/06/14 in Adán Martín Auditorium, Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

(OPERACTUAL – September/October 2014)

“Much needed for it to success was Ricardo Francia’s work. The chamber pianist in the noblest meaning, excelled in every way at the many obstacles he had. The differentiated voice he gave along with his essential skills in dialoguing with the tenor, who lesser pulses gave gloss and ambience.”

(LA PROVINCIA – 21/11/2010)

“On his behalf, Ricardo Francia complemented in an excellent form the performance by taking care of sound quality and knowing how to create the musical frame that perfectly adjusted every singer as well as every single fragment played.”

(LA PROVINCIA – 22/03/2002)

“We cannot overshadow the splendid performance by Ricardo Francia, who was much more than a mere vocal accompanist. It was the indispensable support to accomplish the right atmosphere for every play, not only by how depurated his phrasing was, always at the same rhythm with the singer, but also for his outstanding technique and for his sound quality management.”

(LA PROVINCIA – 25/06/2000)

“Ricardo Francia is an excellent vocal accompanist who knows how to take good care of the ones who are singing, in a way that crafts the necessary atmosphere for every play and makes them feel comfortable so that the phrasing and the expression flow out naturally. In the extensive show he gave tokens of his versatility and his physical resistance which it is also worthy to be pointed out.”

(LA PROVINCIA – 14/11/1999)

“The three young artists repeated their success, and corroborated how fair it was all the favorable praise and opinions written about them […] Ricardo Francia on his not at all easy mission displayed that to vocal accompany someone is a lot more than only follow the singers, since from a musical point of view he knew how to create the best frame for every play with an outstanding poise regarding sonority.”

(LA PROVINCIA – 22/05/1998)

The first criticism I had back when I was 15 years old: ”Among the guest students, the performance given by Ricardo Francia (4th grade piano) was a great surprise. His Mussorgski, Granados and the proverbial Turkish March of Mozart plays showed that he have an excellent musical ear as well as an outstanding pulsation.”

(LA PROVINCIA – 28/05/1988)