Vocal technique and interpretation workshop in Garachico (Tenerife-Spain) from july 7th to 11th, given by the soprano María Orán.
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voix humaine  Con/With María Bayo (Soprano) -   Con/With María Bayo (Soprano) - Rehearsals of “La voix humaine” (the human voice), opera by F. Poulenc and text by J.Cocteau with María Bayo (soprano), Ernest Martínez-Izquierdo (conductor) and Paco Azorín (stage-manager), produced by Gran Teatro del Liceu de Barcelona and Teatros del Canal de Madrid. Perfomances: 11,13 and 15 april 2014 in the green room of Teatros del Canal (Madrid).

Jurado del I Concurso de Zarzuela de Valleseco (Gran Canaria) - Jury of first Valleseco's Zarzuela Competition (Gran Canaria)

Con/With Jerónimo Saavedra, Isabel Rey, Isabel Costes, Vicky Melián y Vicente del Rosario.

Manuel García Morano and the Zarzuela’s Festival chorus, directed by Olga Santana, were the winners of the I Zarzuela Competition celebrated at Valleseco’s Auditorium in Gran Canaria in December 15th, 2013. The jury members were Isabel Rey, Jerónimo Saavedra, Ricardo Francia, Victoria Melián, Isabel Costes and Vicente Domínguez. They valued technic, artistic, interpretative and scenic qualities. They also took into consideration the high difficulty level the Romanza has when performed as a soloist or when it is performed as a chorus. This jury had a hard time due to the colossal level exhibited in this first contest. The jury granted a special mention to Estefanía Perdomo, which consists, thanks to Artífex Proart, in hiring the show “Zarzuela y… Más” that is going to be held in May 10th at Valleseco’s Auditorium and in May 11th at Agüimes’ Auditorium. This show will count with the participation of the Atlantic Symphonic Orchestra, which is conducted by the great Isabel Costes and other actors and lyric singers of renowned prestige.

Vocal technique and interpretation course in Garachico (Tenerife) from June 9th to 13th given by the tenor MANUEL CID.

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